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We can help you find Stewartstown homes for sale to fit your family’s needs and budget. Stewartstown is a borough in Hopewell Township southeastern York County. There were settlers in the area of Stewartstown as early as 1750. Both Maryland and Pennsylvania claimed this area, and the boundary dispute was resolved by the surveying of the Mason-Dixon line in 1767. The village has had several names over the years. It was first known as Meadstown, after Benedict Meads, the owner of the tavern and store. Later it was known as Mechanicsburg because of a large number of tradesmen who lived in the area. By 1828, the town had its own post office, and Anthony Stewart, the village clerk, was named the first postmaster. There was already another town named Mechanicsburg, so postal officials assigned the community the name “Guilford.” Anthony Stewart, with the help of a judge, got the Post Office Department to change the town’s postmark to “Stewartstown” in 1832. Several Stewartstown buildings aare listed on the National Register of Historic places. Stewartstown is served by the South Eastern School District and elementary students attend Stewartstown Elementary School in town.

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